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This is almost like it used to be back when I was little and dressing my Barbie dolls...

Just that my taste has evolved. I've been playing around a bit with the H+M Fashion Studio and the following outfits were the outcome. The second one in the first row is my favourite. Das hier ist fast wie damals, als ich klein war und meine Barbies angezogen habe... Nur dass mein Geschmack sich weiterentwickelt hat. Ich habe ein bischen mit dem H+M Fashion Studio herumgespielt, und die folgenden Outfits sind dabei herausgekommen. Das zweite in der ersten Reihe gefällt mir am besten.

And speaking of "when I was little": I have always been interested in fashion, I think. (However, there have also been phases of next to no interest in it.) I have been"designing clothes" ( i.e. drawing matchstick women in felt-pen-colored sqares, that could only with difficulty be identified as dresses) when I was just able to hold a pencil. Yet it took me until I was about15 until I realized, that fashion is not only for celebreties and that it could actually play a role in everyd…

Girl with a pearl necklace

I took these pictures weeks ago.

Cardigan: Land's End, Pants: H+M, self-altered; shoes: K+S, shirt: Zero, Belt: vintage Prada, necklace: don't remember Again: Sorry for the lack of smiles or any kind of facial expression in my pictures!

I think we have a pattern here

The - very nice - print and pattern trend seems to last. Der - sehr schöne - Muster-Trend scheint noch anzudauern.

Proenza Schouler:
Mary Katrantzou:

pics from, of course

Sonia Rykiel pour H+M

Being the dutiful blogger that I am, this time I wanted to be there for this designer XYZ for H+M thing. Also I had seen two items in the ads that I really wanted. So I got up early today and drove from Münster to Dortmund (the collection, as always, was only available in a handful of shops, which I always find a little unfair for fashionistas from more rural areas). When I arrived at the shop -fifteen minutes early, because I was expecting at least a bit of the same craze that had sourrounded the Jimmy Choo launch, and because I was determined to get something out of this trip- there were exactly two people waiting. I walked around a bit. When the doors were opened a few more people had gathered, but it was no problem at all to get your hands on whichever piece of the Rykiel collection you wanted. Most of you should have seen it already: the typical colorful stripes on sweaters, dresses; leggings, sweaters and hats with rhinestones, etc. It took me ages to figure out if the S or the …

And it was New York, New York...

So, I'm not the first blogger to write about Marc Jacobs' fall 2010 collection, and when I saw it (on after reading such an enthusiastic review, I was a bit underwhelmed at first by the calf-length skirts and simple shapes, but... only at first: The clothes look timeless and kind of familiar (in a good way) and the colors and textures have an almost soothing quality. (Does this sound stupid? I didn't know it was this hard to write a review.)

Ich bin nicht die erste Bloggerin, die über Marc Jacobs' Herbst/Winterkollektion schreibt, und als ich sie auf gesehen hab, nachdem ich begeisterte Äußerungen darüber gelesen hatte, war ich von den seltsamen wadenlangen Röcken und den schlichten Formen zunächst mal gar nicht beeindruckt, aber nur zuerst: Die Sachen wirken zeitlos und irgendwie vertraut, und die Farben und Materialien verbreiten fast eine beruhigende Atmosphäre.
I'm a purist at heart, and as such instantly fell for Narciso Roudriguez' simp…

First Impressions

No! I spent hours making this picture and now it shows up in this tiny size! Shows up bigger when you click on it, shows runway pictures from NYFW that I loved. from

"Made of win" as American teenagers would say

Swedish blogger Caroline Blomst is hosting a competition at She styled 14 different looks, using alltogether 14 items. You can win one complete look! Just pick your favourite and post it on your blog, together with a link and an explanation why you want to win this look. And post a link to your blog in her comments.

As you can see, I am in the midst of doing all this. So this would be my favourite look:
Why I want to win this: Dear Caroline, this outfit is propably the most stupid pick possible, because it includes only 3 of the 14 items. But it is honestly my favourite look and these are the 3 items I really want to win, the ones which would suit me and the rest of my wardrobe best. Also I have never won anything except for a set of 6 plastic kiwi-spoons. Have some compassion! ;)EDIT: I'm getting the impression that I embarass myself whenever I try to be funny in English...

Thank you for being a friend...

This post is about something that is, admittedly, not a very current topic, but it is/was a great TV show: The Golden Girls. I'm always watching the reruns. I think Dorothy is my favourite, she's the only sane person in the house (sometimes). It's even kinda interesting from a fashion point of view: As the show is from the late 80s/ early 90s some of the outfits the ladies are donning, today look more en vogue than the fashion from early SATC episodes. (Or maybe it's just me, maybe it's just their pastel-pink colored furniture which is so pleasant to my eyes before I go to bed that makes me think so.)


And to everyone whom it may concern: Happy Valentine's Day!
I found this rose blossom (is that the correct word?) yesterday at a place where they were just taking down a stand that sells flowers.And thank you for the (comparatively) many comments on that last post and you three people for foll…

Converted... Zara-ism that is. I've often been to that shop and didn't find anything, mostly because everything seemed to be made for a different body type than mine and also because I found some items surprisingly expensive (compared to H+M for instance). But now (in the winter sale) I finally bought the coat that has already been shown too often and this cute little cardigan.

I'm starting to get sick of these boots, but they're just so snow-appropriate.
Coat, cardigan: Zara; skirt: Vero Moda; boots: Maripe; tights: Tschibo; T-shirt, gloves: H+M

Fashion designer Alexander McQueen commits suicide

Well, the title says it all.

R.I.P. (McQueen after his celebrated Spring 2010 show) picture from, news via


I did this about two years ago. It was originally a plain silver handbag from H+M. There was a heavy silver ring on the clasp which I didn't like and removed. But then it looked like there was something missing, so I came up with this idea of re-designing the whole thing with denim fabric(from an old skirt). Everything (including the studs) is glued on.
I think it looks a little uhm "un-professional". I've worn it out only once. .. .. Oh, and thanks to Fia for being my first "follower". (Is it weird that I write this in English?)

Inspire me!

Time for another round of my favourite street- and blogger style pictures:

from: Facehunter, Stylesightings, Fashion Chalet, Chictopia, Jolie-laide, Sea of Shoes, Versicle and two sites I can't remember
(Just to clarify this: I did not take these pictures.)


We have the worst weather ever. It's raining, snowing and storming all at once and everywhere outside the ground is covered in this wet, muddy, slippery snow. On top of it I was given back an exam today which I failed. I'm posting mostly to cheer myself up.

Anyway, here are some better pictures of the purple coat. (I think I own a higher-than-average number of purple things. - Check the chair from a previous post.) The jeans are also new. I liked it better with shiny leggings, but I was freezing several body parts of in those. I'm showing the picture because you can see the colors better on it.Sorry about my unfriendly faces lately, I'm just not photogenic.

Coat: Zara; Sweater(dress), Scarf, Gloves: H+M; Jeans: Only; Boots: Maripe; Brooch(containing perfume): Marc Jacobs; Umbrella: Knirps