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Sherlock Holmes (and my new coat)

I've just come back from watching "Sherlock Holmes". Go, watch it if you haven't seen it, it's definately worth it! (it came out here only last Thursday) I especially loved the way Holmes and Watson treat each other, the 19th century London (great set design), not to mention Robert Downey Jr.'s great acting and, uhm, hotness... Of course there's a lot of action, too.

from via googleOkay, mabe this wasn't the most professional and sophisticated review...
This is what I was wearing: (Yes, for once I post an outfit on the day I've worn it) Sorry about the greyish pictures, this is what happens if you shoot without daylight.The coat is a new purchase from Zara (it's purple, in case you can't see), I've been wondering if I should keep it, but now that I've worn it, I guess I have to. It's always like that with me: When I buy something, I usually ask …

Pink Parisienne

I took these pictures weeks ago and somehow never got around to posting them.

I bought this blazer in a designer stock shop (or whatever it is called) in Paris. I had done some online research and compiled a whole list of interesting or affordable shops and also flea markets before I went, but of course I only managed to go to one of them (two including "Colette", where staring at everything seemed to be the better option than buying anything). Now, this shop was called "mouton a cinq pattes" which means "the sheep with five legs". It was stuffed with clothes racks which in turn were over-stuffed with clothes, among them things from Prada, Narciso Rodriguez, See by Chloe, Alberta Feretti, Dolce+ Gabbana and lesser known labels. The shop assistant was very nice. First she talked to me in English, but when she saw the German writing on my cash card it turned out that she had been in Germany for an exchage or something and found it much easier to speak German…

Hmm... What should I do about the Fashion Weeks?

So, from Jan. 20th to 23rd it was Berlin Fashion Week, and from what I've seen on the Internet quite a lot of bloggers seem to have been there. From this some questions have arisen:
Are there any events sourrounding a fashion week that you can go to without an invitation? Who does get invited to the shows? Not that I was totally crazy for going to a fashion week, I'm just asking out of interest. Maybe someone can enlighten me.
The other thing is: Maybe I should leave it entirely to the more professional bloggers who are actually there to cover the fashion weeks (I also mean the more important ones that are coming up), but on the other hand it can't hurt to show you my favourite looks, can it? So here goes, the pictures are from: :
Scherer Gonzalez: These pictures made me dream of autumn, which is quite an achievement in January:Lala Berlin: What's not to love about the first look?:strenesse blue: Loving the hair, the eyebro…


I got the bag and the little Eiffel tower keyring from my little trip to Paris last August.

I don't really like it with the coat. It makes any outfit look bulky and shape-less. I need to get a new one in the sale.

dress, leggings, shirt: H+M; Coat: S.Oliver; booties: Zanon+Zago; Scarf: some cheap shop I don't know the name of; glove-thingies (don't feel like looking up what they are called in English): gift; bag: souvenirs shop in Paris

(As yet) Undisclosed Desires

(I love that song)

A little collage of some favourite looks and trends for spring/summer. All pictures from (don't mind the pricey labels, it's just for inspiration) It's actually much bigger. Click on it to enlarge.

EDIT: I am using it as a wallpaper on my computer now. Makes me long for spring even more.

Daisy is here

First "she" came to me in the shape of this solid perfume/ brooch/ pendant by Marc Jacobs, which I had come across when looking for Christmas presents, and last week finally decided to get (as a present for myself)...

...and then (pure coincidence) in the shape of the snowstorm of the same name.

It's cold outside... we all want to cuddle up in a cosy home. - Which brings me to the subject of this post: my favourite things from my apartment.

I love this lamp! It's not only beautiful itself, it also paints the most interesting shapes on the walls and ceiling.
The larger picture is from a calender, the smaller one from an article about fashion illustration in ELLE. I find it quite inventive of me to use it this way.
This chair is from my grandma's house. It was in an upstairs room that isn't really in use any more and nobody cared about it, but I always loved it and always planned to get it once i'd get a place of my own. -And that's what I did!

Welcome 2010!

Happy New Year!

No, I did not greet the new year at some big party, but with my family. (I gave up on feeling bad for not going out on New Year's Eve, when I didn't have anywhere to go when the oh-so-big Milennium started ten years ago.) This is what I've been wearing last night:
The Killers came on the radio while I was taking pictues and inspired some awkward dancing on my part:
After I had taken the above pictures I found that blue nail polish would complete the outfit.

knitted vest, black shirt: H+M; jeans: Vero Moda; ankle-boots: K+S; necklace, earrings: I have no idea; belt: vintage Prada (hehe, I needed to mention this)Fireworks picture from: