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Furry little problem

Fur vests are my current obsession. Here are some especially pretty examples: from: stylesightings
from: MissMaterialist

from: Stockholm Streetstyle

I knew there was this old fur coat in my grandma's closet. (I thought it was real fur, but it turned out to be faux fur, which makes it's shiny-ness all the more amazing and makes me less scrupled to consider wearing it) I would love to somehow make a vest out of it, but I'm afraid that surpasses my sewing skills by far! (And I think buying a new fake fur vest at Zara might be cheaper than having someone else alter the coat.) It has an interesting history actually (okay, maybe not that interesting): It must be from the 1950ies or older. Not my grandmother, but her mother wore it and it had been send to her by some uncle from America.

More spring 2010 runway pictures

I don't like to leave things unfinished (despite the fact that I often do leave things unfinished), so here goes my little compilation of collections from Paris:

Chanel: If you (like me) weren't thrilled by the country scenery in which the show took place, you might still be charmed by the clothes.
Lanvin: Feminine, luxurious, parisian. We might have seen almost similar looks in previous collections ( but I can't find anything wrong in that).

MiuMiu: Prints of cats, birds and naked women. Looks that are pretty, innocent and girlish at first glance -and at second glance pretty, sexy and humorous. Amazing.
Balenciaga: a fresh color-palette, Ghesquiere's signature futurism, prints and cut-outs. Nice and inspiering.Viktor+Rolf: a visual feast, consisting of several sqare miles of tulle, eighties influences and a pun ("we have to cut back in the present situation") made with fashion, not words

Holiday outfits

The next four pictures were taken with the camera on a tripod, which I might keep for my blog pictures. I had given it to my dad, for this course on digital photography he is taking part in , but it turned out he had already got one which was supposed to be a Christmas present from my mum. We had chosen the same wrapping-paper, too, so he received two almost identical packages!

The gift-opening part is done on Christmas Eve in Germany. Afterwards we went to church.
My mum is more of a practical jeans-and-sweater-type most of the time, but sometimes she surprises me by wearing something cool-looking, like this interesting skirt and old eighties boots.So tired from all the food!

guess what...

Merry Christmas!

Frohe Weihnachten!

(Those are pictures of my Grandma's Christmas tree, which I decorated yesterday.)

There's a world outside your window...

... and it's covered in snow:

Some quick shots of what I am going to drive to my parents in today.You will have to infer the coat.
Sweater-dress, leggings, hairclips: H+M; Boots: Maripe

No need for color

Took these two weeks or something ago (the date's false, of course). I'm using a rather cheap camera now that my parents once got for free for a newspaper subscription.

That shot was not good for my eyes:

Cardigan: Land's End; long-sleeved shirt: gift; pants: H+M, self-altered; shoes: K+S; bag: does not have a label; Coat: S.Oliver; Scarf: Orsay; Ring,earrings: Karstadt

Hermes (the Grecian god, not the fashion label)

I am going to torture you with another I-don't-care-if-I-look-like-the-Michelin-man-as-long-as-my-clothes-keep-me-warm-outfit, because I wanted to show you my ingenious idea how else to use the feather clips.

Cardigan(it's a beautiful dark purple, the pics don't do it justice), scarf, feather clips: H+M; Jeans, coat: S.Oliver; Boots: Klingel; Bag: Longchamp

On another note: I loved Tavi's (first names, eh?) post of today. She talks about her feelings about fashion and what inspires her. Here. The comments she got are also worth reading. Bloggers rock! Here are my thoughts on what inspires me, which I just posted in the comments of Tavi's blog: I try to incorporate the trends I love in my every-day outfits, while always trying to stick to a certain idea of what I think is my personality. Music, movies (hello Audrey), magazines, and the typical styles of certain fashion labels helped me shape an idea of what styles that personality looks best and feels most comfortable …

Trying for some holiday spirit

The outfit from my last post gets even more "angelic" with these feathery hairclips I bought at H+M:

I wanted to wear something that would help me get into a "Christmas mood" today (the star earrings too), which didn't really work. This is the only thing I don't like about Christmas: that you tend to expect yourself to feel certain things, that you expect everything to be as great as when you were younger. -And the higher your expectations are the less they will come true. (Of course this is not really a problem, just something I observed.) I took the following picture today. Snow and Christmas lights - if this doesn't exude holiday spirit!

Angel Wings

I've been looking for a sweater like this (maybe not exactly like this, but light pink with something like puffed shoulders) for weeks and finally found one.

Ready for the Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas market), where I went with some friends on saturday. It was pretty cold, but I was prepared (as you can see):
Sweater, shirt, scarf: H+M; Jeans: Vero Moda; Bag: Longchamp; gloves: were a gift; Boots: Klingel Versand (now that I'm trying to remember where my clothes come from, I realize how many things I wear that my mom got for me from mail order catalouges)


I heard about this website on TV: On two photograpers from Rotterdam (Netherlands) document the dress codes of social groups. It's quite fascinating just how similar people tend to dress, who belong to the same social group/ age group/ have similar jobs/ a similar taste in music etc. - And often despite, or rather because they want to express individuality by means of what they wear! The impression of similarity is enforced by the fact that the people -people off the streets -are photographed in front of a white background and in identical poses.


Skirt: Vero Moda; Sweater: was a gift (my Mum bought it at Aldi and expected I'd never wear it); Boots: Maripe; Coat: S.Oliver; Scarf, black shirt: H+M; Tights: no idea, bought at Karstadt; Bag: some cheap-o store, but it is real leather; Ring: Karstadt (*is single-handedly saving Karstadt from bancruptcy*); Watch: Esprit

Fruitless Musings:
I've been wondering whether my outfits are really blog-worthy. I mean, I feel comfortable and relatively well-dressed in anything I post here and I really am interested in fashion, but this interest seems to show less in my outfits then I thought it did -and definitely less than in many bloggers outfits. Hmm... Despite the fact that I did hardly miss an issue of "Elle" within the last ten years, it's only through blogs that I am learning how much is actually possible - fashion-wise - in everyday life. (And with a low budget! It's not like I could afford a lot of what "Elle" shows...)
Now, I didn't post this in o…

More Spring 2010

Milan this time (guess what's next).

Max Mara:

Jil Sander: